Ella's 18 Month Update


I can't believe my little girl is already a year and a half years old!  She's so perfect and precious to me.  Verbally, she is excelling.  She can say over fifty words confidently and will try to mimic any word we say.  I feel like everyday she learns something new!  Two of my favorite things that she says are flower and butterfly, because her little voice sounds so sweet.  She has started to string together some sentences, like "bad dog no" and "more milk please".  She asks for her favorite movie, Trolls, a lot.  Speaking of movies, this past month marks the first time she saw a movie!  We wanted to wait until she was 18 months old, as per the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for screen time.  We showed her the Little Mermaid, and she was very interested!.  She loves to make people laugh and has an amazing memory.  We recently switched her into a booster seat at the table and put her high chair into storage.  She still is a great eater, but is picky depending on her mood.  Her favorite food is cheese.  Ella does well in the church nursery on Sundays and loves to play near other children.  She still loves books and "reading" them to herself.  Her favorite toys are her babies and she carts them around with her.  She knows some colors, can count to three, and knows the first part of the alphabet.  I'm so proud of my litte girl!  She began physical therapy here in Denver last week with a nice and experienced lady named Barb.  We are hopeful that she will walk soon.  We just loved her therapy team in Las Cruces and were sad to leave them.  Barb has already said that she wants her evaluated for orthotics due to the way Ella pronates her feet inward.  It's hard to watch her struggle, but I've never known a toddler with such perserverance.  I'm exceedingly proud of her and I love being her mommy!