First Trimester Must-Haves

Let me be honest, I don't have easy pregnancies.  They're high risk and usually pretty miserable.  I love being a mom, but being pregnant is not something I enjoy or look forward to.  Having had miscarriages as well, the first trimester is usually a time of a lot of anxiety for me.  That being said, these things I've collected here to show you guys are guaranteed to make your first trimester of pregnancy easier.



1. Comfortable shoes.  If you're like me, your feet start to ache pretty quickly in the first trimester, as all those ligaments start to loosen up.  I need some serious arch support, but I don't want to spend too much on shoes that I really only wear when I'm pregnant.  These from Target do the job nicely and don't break the bank.  

2. Raw Prenatal Vitamins. Do prenatal vitamins make you sick?  Try one that is made from real food instead of synthetics.  It's much gentler on your stomach and more digestible.  

3. A good skincare routine. Holy hormones, batman, my skin does not respond well to pregnancy.  I can go into my pregnancy skincare routine in a different post, but to start with, this facial brush is a good one.  I can't afford the holy grail of skin brushes, the Clarisonic, at this point, but this is a nice alternative and I can vouch for it's quality.  

4. A meal replacement solution.  Morning sickness. All day sickness.  Most people will tell you to eat whatever you can keep down, but I also think it's important to keep getting nutrients that help you and the baby thrive.  These are my absolute favorite meal replacement bars.  They're crunchy and creamy, like a candy bar with a wafer inside, and they don't have that protein bar aftertaste that I can't stand.  Plus, you can get a variety pack like this for a reasonable amount of money and feel good about what you're eating.  

5. Peppermint Gum.  Peppermint naturally helps alleviate nausea, and this brand is a more natural alternative to the typical gums with artificial sweeteners like aspartame.  

6. Shea Body Butter from The Body Shop.  This is the creamiest body butter I've ever had.  I am plagued with skin that is extremely prone to stretch marks, but believe it or not, I haven't developed any new ones this pregnancy, and I attribute that to this lotion.  Also, the smell is mild and pleasant.  If you sign up for email coupons through The Body Shop website, you can usually pick this up for around $12.  

7. Diclegis.  With my first pregnancy, I threw up at least once a day for the first 20 weeks.  With this pregnancy, my doctor gave me a sample of diclegis and it worked wonders for me. I've still had a few times where it wasn't enough, but I had a much easier time this go-around, all thanks to this miracle medication.  If you're like me, you should ask your doctor about this stuff.  

8. A Fetal Doppler.  A lot of people will tell you this will bring more anxiety than good, but for my personality, this brings me a lot of peace of mind.  I've had this one for 3 years now and it works really well.  I use aloe vera gel instead of the ultrasound gel.  

9. A good pregnancy app. I like this one because it compares your babies size to unique animals instead of vegetables, and it updates daily instead of weekly.  There are tons of other neat things it has, and it's completely free.