28 Weeks Bumpdate

You guys, I feel so pregnant!

I'm officially in the third trimester and feeling the fatigue.  

The good: Just 12 more weeks until my due date!  My hair has never looked better. I feel like I'm getting really tuned in and connected to Nora's movements and schedule.  I love feeling her move.  

The less good:  My nose has started to expand at a scarily rapid rate.  It's getting wider everyday!  My back still hurts, but I've figured out some stretches that help.  I found some new stretch marks this week and I got a pimple, so the skin isn't doing so hot in the third trimester.  Probably the most annoying thing that has happened is that my pelvis feels like it's being ripped apart.  In a panic, I called my doctor and was assured that this is a totally NORMAL thing and that it just means my body is getting ready for labor.  The amount of NORMAL things that women go through to make babies is astounding.  Insomnia.  Peeing.  

Weight gain: 3 pounds total

Cravings: sugar!  I try not to give into this, but sometimes an apple with peanut butter does the trick.  

I truly do feel blessed to be pregnant with my second daughter, but it doesn't mean that pregnancy is easy!  I'm so excited to be in the home stretch now.  Not too much longer until I can hold Nora Kathryn in my arms.